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The International Tennis Federation or the ITF dictates the placement of your vibration dampener. You can place it in one of two places. Either below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string. You can slide it up or down to touch the cross string, but it can’t be anywhere else, including the interior of the string bed.

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To install this, you have to first insert it perpendicularly to the center two main strings. After this, you just twist the dampener counter-clockwise and that will get the two center mains into their slots. The outer two slots then just need to have the string pulled off to the side and then slide on.

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The placement of a vibration dampener is dictated by ITF rules, which state that you can only install one below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string. You can slide it up or down to...

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Quote: "Dampening devices may be located on the outside of the last cross string on the sides, top and/or bottom of the racket face. Multiple devices are permitted. The device may not be placed inside the outside cross strings but the device may touch the outside cross strings."-- Richard Kaufman USTA Director Of Officials

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Where can I put my tennis vibration dampener? At the base near the throat of the racquet before the first cross string. That is the only logical spot for vibration... At the top of the racquet, where there is very minimal space. At the extreme left or right of the racquet frame. Though it will look ...

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Read the dampener box, if you have it, for any instructions or tips. Examine your racket to note the string pattern. You may only place a vibration dampener below the lowest string or above the highest string before the cross strings begin. Check the dampener to see how it attaches.

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Dampener Placement. Vibration dampeners are placed or woven between the main strings of a racquet’s stringbed outside of the cross strings of a tennis racquet. There are two key reasons for this placement. First, when you’re hitting, you don’t want the tennis ball to accidentally come in contact with the vibration dampener and lead to a mishit.

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Typically you will see them placed towards the bottom of the racquet where the center main string and first cross string meet. While there is no strict limit on how many stoppers you can use, many players will just use one since there is little to no affect on the dampener improving your racquet’s play.