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Encourage your players to play positive tennis by coming into the net. This plan will develop your player’s ability to volley at the net, plucking the ball out of thin air! Preview Plan.

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Junior tennis approach volley. Nathan Blair performs a simple drill for approach volleys that is very effective in teaching footwork, body control and forward motion. Volley tennis lesson: technique for accuracy & consistency. Download your FREE pdf action plan here: ...

Lesson Plans: Volley Tennis (Middle, Phys Ed)

Volley Tennis 1. Make sure students understand what skill they are working on. Explain how to volley and the cues involved in... 2. Put students (or have students get) into groups of six. Have each group stand in two lines of three on each side of... 3. The object of the game is to start with a ...

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Description of Idea 1. Ball is only allowed to BOUNCE ONCE! 2. The person starting the point must drop the ball, let it bounce once and then tap it over the net. 3. After the point begins students must tap the ball to self ONLY ONCE before tapping it over. Bouncing to self before... 4. This pattern ...

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Home / Videos / Volley Technique / Tennis Volley Technique Ultimate Lesson – Drills and Tips Our Essential Tennis team recently had the opportunity to work with Corey, a VIP student from Los Angeles who came to work with us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for private, one-on-one coaching.

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To meet this standard, the student will: 3.1. Understand how environmental factors affect one’s health (air, water, noise, chemicals). 3.2. Gather and analyze health information. 3.3. Use social skills to promote health and safety in a variety of situations. 3.4.