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The Total Attack Volleyball Serving Machine by Sports Attack. On the opposite spectrum of price and capability is the Total Attack volleyball machine. This is the absolute top of the line volleyball machine and is designed for players from high school all the way to the pros! Click here to learn more. Total Attack Features

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Precise Repetition Training: The Attack volleyball machine, designed for the men’s game, will deliver thousands of reps in daily practice of serve receiving, digging and spiking. With two extra-wide throwing wheels , accuracy and repeatability are assured in every drill, eliminating time wasting errant hits.

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Description Volleyball Serving Machine Total Attack. Volleyball Serving Machine Total Attack was designed under the direction of top international and collegiate coaches to provide sidespin and increased power to match the highest level of play. It will deliver thousands of reps in daily practice of serve receiving, digging and spiking.

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With the advent of the jump serve, the game had changed; serving became a much more dominant factor. This meant that a volleyball machine intending to exactly replicate every aspect of the game had to be able to deliver servers from a high release point with considerable velocity.

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Volleyball serving machine used to simulate attacking or serving. Equipment is blue made of metal, 4 feet 10 inches in length, width/depth: 2 feet 0 inches, and height is 6 feet 6 inches. The equipment is operable and has a side mounted ball bag.


These machines provide a low ball release point for setting; a much higher above-the-net release point for exact replication of serves and spikes for digging drills. In addition, to produce an all-important jump serve, the machine had to deliver high velocity, controlled top spin and floaters that could be repeated. This would provide the much needed controlled repetition for serve-receiving ...

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Serving machines are great for both individual players to practice and teams to practice volleyball. This machine is similar to a pitching machine, and can be used to practice serve-receive or digging. For a volleyball serving machine to really work well, it needs to have an adjustable release point, adjustable velocities, and adjustable spin. Essentially, it needs to be able to provide all the types of shots a player may face during a match. Serving machine prices generally range between ...

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This provides a realistic game simulation involving serves, sets, tosses, passes, hits, or spikes. How is the volleyball machine moved around the court? The Total Attack volleyball machine has extra large, soft non-marking 8″ locking casters to allow the machine to move at the slightest touch.

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This unit, designed for the speed and height of the men’s game (Attack II for women's), will provide a realistic serve release point and can deliver a jump serve at international level speeds, up to 80 MPH (70 MPH women's). The locating pins on the shaft will allow you to instantly position the throwing head to men’s serving height.