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The setter concentration drill is specially designed to improve setter’s concentration. When practicing this volleyball drill, a setter has to play for both teams. The task of a coach is to tosses the team a free ball. Afterwards, the setter who runs the play receives the pass.

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Additional Setting Drills. Harlem Globetrotters: player continuous setting. Start standing up, move slowly to a seated position and then to on their back. Finish by standing back up. Must continue setting the ball. 1 person continuous setting lying on their back. Set the ball between legs. Relay races Stomach setters: 2-person partner drill.

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The first pass is a perfect pass the must be set out (forward) She calls it a Go ball. The second pass is off the net and must be set back. She call this a Gus. Second Sequence – The setter receives two different types of passes (10 total) The first pass is forward and is set to the outside.

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This volleyball setting drill is intended for the entire team, as anyone may be called on to set in different circumstances throughout the match. All players should be confident enough to deliver a ball to the outside that can be attacked. Drill Setup:

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Teaching your setters to look up in a direction they are not normally accustomed too. Setter Volleyball Drill Variations: Have the Setters start 3m apart and take steps backwards-creating distance. Start at the sidelines to encourage using legs and extension. Each Setter sets to himself or herself 1-5 times before setting to their partner.

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Volleyball Setting Drills to do by Yourself. Toss to yourself and get 10 balls in the hoop. Play around the world with yourself. If you make it into the basket, move to the next marker and try to make your way around the hoop. Start in the center of the hoop and every time you make it take a step back.

Setter Drills to Teach Technique and Decision Making

Setter Drills. Most coaches have a variety of Setter Drills that are designed to teach the proper technique or fundamentals of setting. Great skill, however, is only one aspect of being a great setter. Setters must also be great decision makers. They need to be able to read the defense and make the appropriate set.

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DRILL DESCRIPTION: Two partners face each other from a distance of 20 feet and set the ball back and forth. This exaggerated distance helps develop hand and wrist strength and makes a setter better at smaller distances. This replicates setting the ball crosscourt during a match accuracy is just as important as setting to a nearby hitter.